Ezekiel: Chapter 46 Note

As discussed in Ezekiel chapter 46 on this web site, there will be a great deal of blessings experienced in this world as a result of the Lord's 1,000 year reign. One of them is the longevity of life; something that has not been experienced after the world-wide flood in the days of Noah, Genesis 7:1-24. Along the vertical axis are the names of the sons born in Adams family line through Seth, which is the line that the Lord Jesus Christ was born into. On the bottom of the graphic the years following the creation of Adam are marked off. Each horizontal red bar represents the length of years that each patriarch lived, and the shaded blue box indicates the generations who lived concurrent with Adam. The numbers to the left of each red bar are the age of Adam when each new generation was born. During the days of the millennial reign of Christ, the earth will be bulging with people, and there will be no population growth efforts. The people of the world then will do exactly what the Lord commanded at the beginning, be fruitful and multiply, Genesis 1:28.