Interpretations: The Structure of the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is one of the greatest books of the Bible. We are introduced to Christ in all of His fullness, glory, and majesty. This is the book that completes all of God's promises made to man since the beginning in Genesis. Therefore, this book of Revelation cannot be read by itself, but one must study all of other books in the Bible to fully grasp what is being presented. The reason why this is the last book of the Bible is that it fully integrates all that has been written in the Bible. This section is devoted to provide a highly generalized content concerning the book of Revelation, to assist in the study of that book. The Revelation is not just the last book of the Bible, it is the first book into eternity future after all the activities in mankind's history have run their full, and have been judged by the Lord Jesus Christ, John 5:22.

All of the passages and books in the Bible that relate to the Lord's return, provide comfort to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and an understanding of how He exercises His sovereignty over all of the world's activities. The several selections under this tab for interpreting these prophetic passages are provided to expand the understanding of what events will occur, when they will occur either in absolute or relative terms, why they will happen, and how these events will unfold to their completion.

The first selectable item presents the "Structure of Revelation." This page provides a breakdown of the main components of the events that are depicted in the book of Revelation: the church age, the seven years of tribulation, the 1,000 year reign of the Lord, and eternity future.

The second selectable item provides a vertical and horizontal "Chronology" of the individual chapters of the book of Revelation. The perspective of John's vantage point of what he is observing and hearing changes throughout the book. There are five places where John reports his observations, from the new heaven, heaven, earth, the bottomless pit, and the lake of fire. These are further segregated based on chapter and verse, whether the topic is dealing with the Isle of Patmos, the church age, the tribulation period, the millennium, or the period of time when there will be a new heaven and new earth.

Third, is the "Comparison of the Plagues." Here an analogy is made between the 10 plagues suffered by the Egyptians in Pharaoh's rebellion against the Lord, with the plagues suffered by the world based on the seal, trumpet and bowl judgments.

The final selectable item presents a "Compressed View of Revelation." This web page provides a summary of the horrific impact on the world's population during the seven years of tribulation as a result of man's rebellion against the Lord, and willful worship of Satan.

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