Daniel: Introduction

A number of timelines have been constructed to graphically represent the prophetic events described in the book of Daniel. Unlike the book of Revelation, not all the chapters in the book of Daniel lend themselves to develop prophetic timelines. For example, the first half of Daniel is mostly an account from a historical perspective of the work of God in the midst of Israel and the Gentiles. However, there is discussion for each chapter. Chapters one and seven have multiple timelines, and are displayed in parts.

The focus of this site is to not provide an exhaustive commentary on this wonderful book of the Bible. A great study on Daniel is found on Bible.org, with a study series on Daniel, to which the reader is referred for more information. There are many other fine works that provide that information already, and available on the Internet and in Christian book stores. Instead, this is a high-level overview that will touch on all the chapters.

  • Daniel's first experiences in Babylon (Chapter 1)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Chapter 2)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar's golden image (Chapter 3)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar's temporary fall (Chapter 4)
  • God's finger writing on the wall (Chapter 5)
  • Daniel and the lions' den (Chapter 6)
  • Daniel’s vision of the four beasts (Chapter 7)
  • Daniel's vision of the ram, goat, and the little horn (Chapter 8)
  • Daniel’s angelic visit and revelation of the seventy weeks (Chapter 9)
  • Daniel’s vision of future events (Chapter 10)
  • Daniel’s exchange with the angel of the Lord (Chapter 11)
  • The final revelation to Daniel (Chapter 12)