Interpretations: Introduction of the Survey of Timelines

The timelines used on this site are intended to aid the reader in understanding the order and extent of Biblical prophecies in context with other concurrent prophetic events that are presented throughout the Bible. These timelines are general in nature and every effort has been made to assure their accurate depiction of the Lord's prophetic program for Israel, and the revealed mystery program for the Body-of-Christ He gave to Paul. However, there are instances where precision is unattainable with the drawing tools that are available. At times detail was reduced to avoid an increase in clutter on the charts that would reduce clarity. These limitations are noted as they occur. The timelines are generalized in nature and in many cases, intervals of time along the horizontal do not portray equal intervals of time, only the relative occurrence of one event with another. In all cases, it is incumbent upon the reader to search the scriptures for themselves and evaluate the content of this site or any other source against what the Word of God says.

clock numbers in a line
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