TSCOC: Scriptures


The books of the Bible listed above, are examined as they pertain to the Lord's return to establish the first thousand years of His eternal reign on earth and beyond in time. However, this is not a comprehensive study of all that the scriptures contain on this subject. These books were selected for review in order to provide an overview of these prophetic passages concerning the end times. Many passages in other books in the Bible are cited in context throughout this site to broaden the view of this subject. The scriptures are so rich in content on the Lord's return that it is simply not possible to capture the entire breadth of information that the Bible contains on this subject.

The reader is encouraged to read more in the Word concerning this subject. References can be found on the reference section in this site that may serve as aids in further understanding of God's Word. May the Lord richly bless you in your study in this subject, as He promised, Revelation 1:3.