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Revelation: Chapter 19 Timelines

Revelation 19 is a transitional time of great significance.  As indicated in the base timeline for Revelation, and other books of the Bible that are discussed in this site, there is an end of the Gentile rule over the affairs of Israel and Jerusalem.  Thereafter is the millennial reign of Christ.  The return of the Lord for the second time to this world, to destroy His enemies, is the dividing point between the two eras.  This is also the time that Daniel spoke of in the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel 2, and when the saints are given the rule over the Lord's kingdom on this world, Daniel 7.  As in other occasions in attempting to chart the approximate time of these events, the focus is mostly on the sequence of events.  Due to the limitations in the size of the shapes used to indicate the occurrence of an event, such as arrows, the arrows only show an events near simultaneous occurrence.  The first event charted in Revelation 19 is the Lamb's wedding to the Church.  Since the church has been in the third heaven with the Lord before the throne of God, the silver box indicating the wedding is on the top of the line indicating the battle of Armageddon, and the box's orientation is near the top since the church is returning with the Lord.  Also shown is the song or the shout of praise to God for His righteous judgments against all the earth, the judgment against the harlot, and for avenging the blood of the saints, which is shown with the harp at the top of the chart.

The next event described and charted is the wedding supper in this same chart.  This is the event that the Lord described during the Olivet Discourse, such as in Matthew 25, as well as here.  Since Peter and the Psalms indicate that one day is with the Lord as a 1,000 years, it is not unreasonable to believe that the wedding supper will last the entire time of the Lord's millennial reign.  This is shown in the following graphic with a horizontal silver bar below the millennial arrow on the right side of the graphic.  

The final events described in Revelation 19, are shown in the following graph, showing the battle of Armageddon, the Lord's Second Advent as King of kings, the Antichrist and false prophet being thrown directly in the lake of fire, and the destruction of all the armies that came to fight against the Lord and surround Jerusalem.  These four events are really representative of a singular event that covers little time if any.  Since the Lord's victory over these forces is immediate, all three events following the Lord's return, if shown correctly, would be compressed as a point on the line.  However, to show the sequence of these three events, the boxes and arrow are exaggerated in time to make these three events discernable.

Finally, the aggregate timeline of all the events studied in the book of Revelation are shown below, with the events in Revelation 19 shown on the right side of the graph

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