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Revelation: Chapter 16 Timelines

Revelation 16 is the end of the tribulation period.  However, there are other references to the tribulation in other chapters, such as Revelation 18 and Revelation 19, and the first part of Revelation 20.  Each of these chapters or parts of chapters, provide a glimpse of another aspect of the end to the tribulation.   The two links to "The Incursion" and "Armageddon" above will take you to the Revelation 19 references, but are repeated here due to their relevance.  You will need to hit your back space arrow at the top of your web browser to return to this page, unless you wish to navigate to other parts of this website.  

The pouring of the seven bowls are shown as solid bars, in that once poured, they will persist through the end of the tribulation, and for a short time thereafter, until the Lord heals the world of these horrible conditions.  

The final events described in Revelation 16, are shown in the following graph in the red bars.  It should be pointed out that once the 7th bowl is poured out, that it is the end of the tribulation.  So with the other events depicted in Revelation 19 with the return of Jesus Christ, the 7th bowl and the Lord's return are probably simultaneous.  

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