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Revelation: Chapter 12 Timelines

Revelation 12 provides details of five of the seven major characters that are involved with the tribulation, and are described on the page associated with this on, Revelation 12 web page.  The timeline below provides an indication of when Satan will be forcibly removed from heaven for eternity, and his onslaught against the remnant of Israel and the tribulation saints.  All of this will occur during the second half of the tribulation, which is shown in the read oval.  The oval only indicates the extent of Satan's efforts at the beginning of the second half of the tribulation, but his influence on earth will continue throughout the second half of the tribulation, until the return of Jesus Christ with His saints.  The limitation of the oval is only to allow space for the events that unfold in the remaining chapters in Revelation.

A second element shown in the graph is the third of three woes that are said upon earth and gives insights of the activities during the mid-point of the tribulation.  The first woe was with the blowing of the 5th trumpet, the second was associated with the two witnesses who lived during the first half of the tribulation.  Satan's removal from heaven to earth is the third woe upon the inhabitants on earth.

Finally, though not part of this chapter, the red bars from the mid-tribulation through the end are associated with the revelation given to Daniel in Daniel 12, follow this link, Daniel 11 and Daniel 11 Timeline, to discover more details about the extra days revealed to Daniel that exceed the 1,260 days allocated to the length of the second half of the tribulation.  In short, the 1,290 days are thought in this web site to be when the Antichrist first enters into Israel to battle the kings to the north and south of Jerusalem.  He will establish his permanent command center there.  His entry into Israel will occur before the "official" start of the second half of the tribulation by 30 days.  The third bar reflects the extra 45 days, which again according to this web site, begins with the entrance of the Antichrist's entrance into Jerusalem, but will continue 15 days beyond the battle of Armageddon.  This is when the glory of the Lord will fill the new Millennial Temple, as described in Ezekiel 43:1-5.

The events described in Revelation 12 are shown along with all of the other events that have been covered in all the previous chapters in the book of Revelation.

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