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Tribulation Saint's Timelines  



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Revelation: Chapter 6 Timelines

Revelation 6 shows the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, opening the first six of seven seals.   It appears from this chapter that each of the seals is opened in rapid succession.  As is shown below in the timeline for this chapter, the revealing of all these events occur at the beginning of the tribulation and continue to the end of the tribulation, which is Armageddon.  The sixth seal in particular does not achieve its fulfillment until the Lord's return at the battle of Armageddon.  The opening of the seals is not necessarily the initiation of the event, but the revealing of the event.  This is why all six horizontal black lines are solid and extend across the entire tribulation period.  Near the bottom of the graph is a horizontal line that phases in from light green to a solid green color to indicate the growing number of saints killed for the word of God and for the maintenance of their testimony.  The transition in color represents the Lord saying to them that they had to wait a little longer for His vengeance upon their enemies and that their number of slain saints would increase.

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