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Chap 4


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Revelation: Chapter 4-5 Timelines

Revelation 4 and Revelation 5 provide a new division in the book of Revelation that is about the throne of God.  The activity in heaven is shown immediately after the rapture of the church.  The graphic below has shifted the emphasis from Revelation 2 and Revelation 3 from the left side of the graph on the church age, to now zooming in on the post church age.  

Being implied in the graph between the church age and the beginning of the seven years of tribulation, is a time interval showing two events.  There are many events that may occur after the rapture of the church but before the tribulation, as shown on the purple rectangular tab above on the tribulation saint's timelines.  That particular page brings together several passages in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation to illustrate a possible scenario for the events that may occur.

The graph below generalizes the earthly experience of the tribulation saints.  The timeline illustrates the occurrence of two important events that will occur in heaven; the judgment seat of Christ of the raptured saints before Christ's seat, and then the events in Revelation 4 and Revelation 5.  Both of these heavenly events are shown in the faint blue and rose colored rectangles on the following graphic.  No length of time is implied by the size of the rectangles, only the possible sequence of the events relative to one another, and the beginning of the tribulation.  Clicking the link you can see the base timeline that the remaining chapters of Revelation will be added to can be seen.  The following timeline has the added harp icon to illustrate the events of the songs sung in Revelation 4 and Revelation 5.

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