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Revelation: Chapter 11 Timelines

Revelation 11 provides information concerning the tribulation temple, the two witnesses, and the heavenly activities occurring at this time, including the revealing of the heavenly tabernacle.  The timeline below illustrates the new Jewish temple that has been constructed and operational by the mid-tribulation time period, but it does not say how long in the first half of the tribulation that it was in operation.  Neither the commencement of the temple’s construction nor its completion is given in scripture.  However, it will be in existence and fully functional prior to the entry of the Antichrist in Jerusalem, for the setting up of his image in the holy place in the temple to establish the abomination of desolation, as Daniel, Daniel 9:27, and the Lord warned Israel of, Matthew 24:15-22.  Though the start of the temple’s construction is not given, it is assumed that the signing of the seven year covenant with the Antichrist will be the legal instrument that allows Israel to build a temple on the temple mount at the beginning of the tribulation.  Therefore, the horizontal bar graph is hatched to represent the first half of the tribulation period and account for this uncertainty of when the construction of the temple is complete and fully functional.  

The interaction of the Antichrist with the temple is a critical piece in understanding how prophetic passages in scripture fit together.  Though not part of this chapter, it is important to associate the events of the tribulation temple with the Antichrist and with the events prophesied by Daniel in Daniel 11 and Daniel 12.  The red bars in the following timeline covering the mid-tribulation and second half of the tribulation, are associated with the revelation given in Daniel 12.  Follow this link above on "the extra days" to discover more details about the extra days revealed to Daniel that exceed the 1,260 days, or 42 months, allocated to the length of the second half of the tribulation.  In short, the 1,290 days are thought in this web site to be when the Antichrist first enters into Israel to battle the kings to the north and south of Jerusalem.  He will establish his permanent command center there.  His entry into Israel will occur before the "official" start of the second half of the tribulation by 30 days.  The third bar reflects the extra 45 days, which again according to this web site, begins with the entrance of the Antichrist's entrance into Jerusalem, but will continue 15 days beyond the battle of Armageddon.  This is when the glory of the Lord will fill the new Millennial Temple, as described in Ezekiel 43:1-5.

A third red bar that covers the first half of the tribulation represents the time of the two witnesses, their deaths, and resurrection, which is the end of the second woe.  At the top center of the graphic is the singular point showing the blowing of the 7th trumpet, which introduces the bowl judgments.

The events described in Revelation 11 are shown along with all of the other events that have been covered in all the previous chapters in the book of Revelation.

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