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Revelation: Chapter 14 Timelines

Revelation 14 provides insights of the activities during the second half of the tribulation.  This is the time where angels will be used to give pronouncements to the world.  Just as the angel Gabriel announced the coming birth of the Lord, as well as other angels to the shepherds in the field, so will it occur again in the latter half of the tribulation.  The following graph illustrates the three announcements of the everlasting gospel, the announcement of the fall of Babylon, and the judgment against the worshipers of the beast.  This is shown at the top of the graphic, to the right of the line representing the midtribulation.  The following four angels work is shown below the representation of the first three angels.  The last four angels are shown as a graduated color bar to represent that their role will occur sometime during the latter part of the last half of the tribulation.

The events described in Revelation 14 are shown in the following graph with gold bars and text in black font, along with all the other events that have been revealed up to this chapter.     

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