Interpretations: Israel's Prophetic Program

There is a distinction between the prophetic plan God has for the nation of Israel, and the mystery program God revealed to Paul, the apostle to the Body-of-Christ. More information is available on this website showing Israel's prophetic timelines, and the mystery program timelines. This section will draw out several significant details associated with the Israel’s prophetic plan. Israel’s prophetic plan began with the first covenant God made with Abram, Genesis 15:1-21. The covenant God made with him was an everlasting covenant, Genesis 17:7, 19, that passed through Abraham to his son Isaac, then Jacob, and on through the 12 sons and all their generations after them. God made more covenants with Israel after Abraham, both conditional and non-conditional. All these covenants and promises God made with the nation of Israel will be fulfilled when the Lord establishes His millennial kingdom, Revelation 20. The next section will be devoted to the mystery program to the Body-of-Christ.

The basis of Israel's prophetic program is the Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 19:10. The overview of God's plan for Israel can be seen in Psalms 2:1-12 and Psalms 110:1-2. The following graphic illustrates the major points in the Lord's role in Israel's salvation, and that of the world, if they believe and act on the gospel, 1Corinthians 15:1-4, that everyone will be justified against, Romans 2:16.

The major points concerning Israel's coming King are:

  • Israel's and world's response to Christ Jesus during His first advent leading to His crucifixion, Psalm 2:1-3
  • The Lord ascended to sit on the right hand of the Father until He makes the Lord's enemies His footstool, Psalm 110:1-2
  • After the Lord's crucifixion, God will have Israel and the world in derision, Psalm 2:4
  • The seven years of tribulation are captured in Psalm 2:5
  • God delivers the world to the Lord Jesus Christ to rule with a rod of iron, Psalm 2:6-12

Other important scriptural prophetic passages are also added to the chart to add clarity to what will occur in Israel's prophetic plan.

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