Interpretations: Two Domains - Conclusion of all things

At the end of time, when all non-believers will appear before the great white throne for judgement, Revelation 20:11-15, they will confess to God and give an account of themselves to Him, Isaiah 45:23, Romans 14:11-12. Then the Lord will put an end to all rule, all authority and power, and destroy the last enemy, death, Revelation 20:14. Next, Christ Jesus will deliver the kingdom to God the Father after all rebellion has been removed, so that all things are made subject to Him and the Son will also be subject to Him that God may be all in all, 1Corinthians 15:24-28, John 17:1-5, Ephesians 3:14-21.

As the prophetic program for Israel and the mystery program for Body-of-Christ are examined below, it is important to know that the mysteries for each program were kept secret since the beginning of time. The difference between the programs is the time of when their mysteries were revealed. Peter exclaimed that the mysteries concerning the prophetic program of Israel and the kingdom had been revealed since the world began, Acts 3:18-26. Paul, however, wrote that God kept the mysteries concerning the mystery program for the Body-of-Christ secret since the beginning of time, until the Lord revealed them to Paul, Ephesians 3:2-6.

  • All secret things belong to God until he reveals them, then they belong to us and our children, Deuteronomy 29:29
  • None of these mysteries were ever revealed to anyone else prior to Paul in any part of scripture, Romans 16:25-26, Ephesians 3:9
  • It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings to search out a matter, Proverbs 25:2

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