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1 Introduction
2 Two domains
3 The first advent of Jesus in the prophetic plan for Israel
4 The early Jewish church in Jerusalem
5 The fall of Israel and diminishing of the Jewish church
6 The pause in Israel's prophetic plan
7 Addendum-The prophetic plan of Israel and the churches
7a Addendum-Israel during the tribulation
7b Addendum-The remnant of Israel during the great tribulation
7c Addendum-The Jewish churches in Israel's Prophetic Program
8 The second coming of Christ Jesus and the millennium
9 Satan's Final Rebellion
10 Eternity Future

These series of timelines are presented in time order, beginning with Abraham, all the way to the millennial reign of Christ Jesus. These graphics illustrate the significant events that Israel had gone through and will experience as shown in scripture. Showing these timelines in this way will reveal the plans that the Lord has for Israel, Jeremiah 29:11-14, and His ultimate plan for the nation in the millennium, Isaiah 60:1-5, and on into eternity future, Revelation 22:1-5.

The graphic below provides a simple summary view of the prophetic plan for Israel from eternity past to eternity future, Luke 1:68-75. The graph illustrates the time the Lord called one man, Abraham, out of the world's population to begin a new nation who were called to be His pecular people, Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 14:2. This serves as a reference for the remaining graphics that will build on top of each succeeding graphic to provide a more detailed, complex view of Israel's prophetic plan as it had been revealed through scripture.

This next illustration is a companion timeline to the previous graphic. The focus of this timeline is the call of Abraham, when the nation of Israel was formed, and their history leading to the Lord's first advent.

This graphic forms the baseline from which all the following graphics will be overlayed on. This basline's end points begin with God creating the heavens and earth, Genesis, and ends with a new heaven, new earth and a new Jerusalem. It also provides the two domains God created, heavens and earth. This represents the beginning of God's creative work and its end, Isaiah 65:17.

  • The first advent of Jesus in the prophetic plan for Israel
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Next, the following timeline begins with John the Baptist, and on into the first advent of Christ Jesus. To see the previous activity of God's plan for Israel can be seen in the section on this site that discusses Abraham, Moses, David and others in Israel's early history. On this graphic, it is shown that the end of the Old Testament is with the death of the testator, then the New Testament is in effect, Hebrews 9:16-17. The chart also illustrates how the Lord taught His apostles about the salvation that was to be made to all people with His crucifixion, which was confirmed by them, Hebrews 2:3. At the bottom of the chart are the three dispensations that span the length of this timeline, and below that is a representation of where people's soul and spirit were held upon their death. The light gray area with the left arrow head represents the two parts of hell that the Lord described when talking about Lazarus and the rich man, Luke 16:20-31. There was a chamber for the righteous (Abraham's bosom) and the other chamber was for the unrighteous (the rich man). The righteous were waiting for the Lord Jesus to die on the cross according to scripture to pay for all mankind's sin, and to be buried. then raise on the third day according to scripture for our justification who believe in Christ Jesus, 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Romans 4:25. When the Lord was resurrected, He took with Him the dead who were righteous in Christ, to be with Him in heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ is seated on the right hand of the Father, Ephesians 4:8, Hebrews 1:3. The remainder of the black area represents all the unrighteous who have died, and their souls are waiting for the second resurrection, when they will appear before the Lord Jesus Christ on the great white throne for their judgment, Revelation 20:11-15.

  • The early Jewish church in Jerusalem
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Characteristics of the early Jewish church, led by the 12 apostles, is shown in the following graphic. The church age begins with the little flock in Jerusalem, as Israel’s prophetic program continues. This graphic shows that the church began the first day of the Lord's resurrection. Not only were believers in Christ Jesus justified because of His resurrection, Romans 4:25, but with 10 of the apostles present in the room they were hiding in, when the Lord Jesus first appeared among them, He breathed the Holy Spirit upon them, John 20:22. The graphic also shows the ascension of the lord with the vertical upward arrow, but also the downward arrow reflecting the time when the power of the Holy Spirit would come upon them on the day of Pentecost, Acts 2:1-4, 50 days after the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Below the gold horizontal bar, is the indication of the beginning of the New Testament, 1Corinthians 11:26, and the box showing that believers are saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Acts 15:11. Finally, in the area labeled "Church Age," the end point is referenced by John 14:2-3. That is the time when the church is snatched away (raptured), and when the Lord promised His 11 apostles who were with Him the night Jesus was betrayed, that He was going to prepare a place for them. The 11 apostles (excluding Judas Iscariot) were promised by the Lord that He would prepare a place for them, return, and take them where He was. This is the first time a promise like this was given to Israel. It was for the apostles and all believers after them. However, they were not given the promise of being raptured as was given to the Body-of-Christ.

The building aggregate timeline is shown below.

  • The fall of Israel and diminishing of the Jewish church
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The Holy Spirit sent representatives to the leadership of Israel three times after the day of Pentecost. The first is when they arrested Peter and John after the man born lame was healed completely, Acts 4:1-22. Second was when they arrested all 12 apostles for teaching Christ Jesus to Israel, but after beating them, they released them, Acts 5:17-40. Finally, they arrested Stephen who was falsely accused of speaking blasphemous words against the holy place and the law. When he appeared before the council, they saw his face as if had been the face of an angel, Acts 6:11-15. at the end of Stephen’s defense, the council was so smitten with guilt, they took him out of the city and stoned him to death, Acts 7:1-60. But at this trial, the Holy Spirit had Luke record the name of a man named Saul, who added his voice to condemn Stephen, 1Timothy 1:13. It is Saul, would later would be known as Paul, who was the apostle to the Gentiles, Romans 11:13, Galatians 2:8, and the first, or chief, in the Body-of-Christ, 1Timothy 1:15-16. Because of the fall of Israel, salvation had been given to the Gentiles, Romans 11:11-12.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next.

  • The pause in Israel's prophetic plan
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As mentioned above, the church age begins with the little flock in Jerusalem. The Jewish church in Jerusalem diminishes with the fall of Israel. However, with the fall of Israel salvation has come to the Gentiles. The church continues on with the emergence of the Body-of-Christ in the age of grace. The church continues to operate in this world until the return of Christ in the clouds to snatch away His own to Himself for evermore. Both the Jewish church and the Body-of-Christ will be resurrected at the return of Christ in the clouds and those who are sill alive in the Body-of-Christ will be raptured. Paul was chosen by God to bring the message of salvation to the Gentiles and Jews, Acts 9:15-16. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom, and he opened that up to the Gentiles with Cornelius, Acts 10:34-44.

The chart below also shows the establishment of the seven tribulation churches after the Body-of-Christ is snatched away (raptured). Those who are snatched away will be with Christ Jesus in the heavenly domain through the tribulation, Revelation 2:1-29 - Revelation 3:1-22.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next.

  • Addendum-The prophetic plan of Israel and the churches
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The next three charts are a change in format from the previous charts, with the intent of expanding the field of view during the church age and the tribulation to illustrate the many activities that take place in both time periods. At the top of the church age is a red doble arrow showing the influence of each part of the church, the little flock, which led the Jewish Jerusalem church at its beginning, and then the Body-of-Christ, whose apostle is Paul. In the main part describing the church age, is an extremely brief description of the church history. The church began on the day of the Lord’s resurrection, when He appeared to the ten apostles who were present in a room, hiding from the Jews. Because of His resurrection, those who believe in Him are justified, Romans 4:25. The Lord also breathed the Holy Spirit on them, John 20:22.

The Jewish church began in Jerusalem, and received the power of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:1-4. However, they did not reach out to others in any particular way that Luke recorded. It was not until the religious leaders of Israel blasphemed the Holy Spirit for the third time, that persecution led by Saul, later called Paul (Acts 13:9), began, forcing believers in Christ to escape from Jerusalem to other parts of the Mediterranean region. They spread the Word to Jew only, Acts 11:19. This is the period of Israel’s fall and the church in Jerusalem diminishing, but salvation was the given to the Gentiles, Romans 11:11-12.

When the Lord met Saul (Paul) on the road to Damascus, Saul believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but the encounter left him blinded and he was led to a house in Damascus, Acts 9:2-8. Then the Lord appeared to a disciple of His named Ananias, telling him where Saul was staying, and to go and pray that his sight would be restored, Acts 9:10-12. The Lord explained that Saul was a chosen vessel and would bear the name of the Lord to the Gentiles, kings ad the children if Israel, Acts 9:15. After regaining his sight and strength, Saul immediately went to the Jewish synagogue, preaching Christ and that He is the Son of God, Acts 9:20. It was not until Saul and Barnabas left on Saul’s first missionary Journey, at the place of Sergius Paulus, the deputy of the country in Cyprus. This is the first recorded time Saul’s name was changed to Paul, and he began to preach to Gentiles, Acts 11:4-12. From that time to now, the gospel of Paul about the Lord Jesus Christ, 1corinthians 15:1-4, has been published throughout the world to Jews and Gentiles, 1Corinthians 12:13, and will continue until the Lord comes in the clouds to snatch away (rapture) His followers, 1Thessalonians 4:113-18. This is a major dividing event that ends the church age, or the dispensation of grace, Ephesians 3:2-12, and resumes God’s prophetic plan for Israel.

The area to the right of the red vertical arrow that represents the rapture of the church, describes God’s prophetic plan for Israel through the tribulation and on into the Lord’s millennial reign on earth. Following the rapture of the church, there will be many Jews who like Paul, will establish believing synagogues, preaching Christ and that He is the Son of God, Acts 9:20. The green arrows reflect the spiritual standing of the nation of Israel, as prophesied by Ezekiel. Since the worldwide dispersion of the Jews after General Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the nation was shown by God to Ezekiel as a valley of dried bones, there was no life in them, Ezekiel 37:1-2. After the rapture of the church, the Lord showed Ezekiel the transition of lifeless, bones to an army of men with sinews and flesh, but still no life, Ezekiel 37:7-8. This is the spiritual nature of Israel as they enter into the tribulation, still lifeless. However, from the midtribulation on, God will breathe new life into the nation of Israel and they will become alive in Christ. Many Jewish people living outside of Israel, will do as God told Isaiah, and enter in their chambers and wait for the indignation to pass over them, Isaiah 26:20. Those who are living in the region of Judea, are told by the Lord to flee into the mountains when they see the abomination of desolation erected in the holy place, Matthew 24:15-22, in the tribulation temple, Revelation 11:1-2. It is there that the Lord will meet and protect them for the last 3 ½ years of the tribulation, Revelation 12:6, 13-16. At the end of the tribulation, the Lord will have His angels gather His own to witness His entry into the millennial temple of the Lord Jesus Christ, Matthew 24:29-31, Ezekiel 43:4-7. This will be the time of Israel’s glory because of the Lord’s glory will be there, Ezekiel 48:35.

In a change from previous versions of this website, it is now understood that the book of Revelation is a prophetic book, directed to the Jewish people for their preparation of the tribulation and the glory they will experience as a nation in the millennium. The passages concerning the letters to the seven churches have application to the church today, but those letters are written to the believing Jews who will gather in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Addendum-Israel during the tribulation
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The Following graphic shows the terrible influences upon believers in Jesus Christ that will dominate the period of time following the rapture of the church and the return of the Lord at the end of the tribulation. The first is the great Harlot, who was revealed to John, and of whom he wrote about in Revelation 17:1-18. She is drunk on the blood of the saints, Revelation 17:6, and is in power after the rapture of the church, until the midtribulation. At that point, the Antichrist and the ten kings will viciously attack her so that she is utterly destroyed, eaten, and burnt with fire. There will be nothing left to remember or mimic in the future. Instead, the Antichrist will rise to power in the second half of the tribulation and the ten kings who will also attain their power, will subordinate themselves to the Antichrist, Revelation 17:12, 16-17, Revelation 13:1-18.

  • Addendum-The remnant of Israel during the great tribulation
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On this last of a short series of graphics, the focus is on what the Lord does for the Jewish believers. During the first half of the tribulation there are two events that occur. First is the sealing of 144,000 Jews who go out to the world to announce the gospel of the kingdom, Revelation 7:3-8. John noted that 12,000 from the twelve tribes were sealed. The net result of their outreach is shown in the following verses where John observed a great multitude that could not be numbered, from all nations, kindreds and people and tongues, stood before the throne of God and before the Lamb, crying out, “Salvation to our God which sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb,” Revelation 7:9-10.

The second event in the first half of the tribulation were the two witnesses who judged the world, who have power to stop the rain, power over waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will, Revelation 11:3-6. At the midtribulation point, God allows then to be killed by the Antichrist, leaving their bodies in the street. But, on the third day, the Spirit of life from God entered into them, they stood up on their feet in view of all who saw them. Then a great voice from heaven called them to come up. They immediately ascended up to haven in a cloud, Revelation 11:7-12.

From near the midtribulation point to its end, Daniel pointed out three time periods. The first showed the length of time the last half of the tribulation would last, 1,260 days, Daniel 12:7, 9:27. Then it was revealed to Daniel that there would be 1,290 days to till the time of the end when the daily sacrifice in the tribulation temple, is taken away. There will also be the erection of the abomination of desolation in the temple, Daniel 12:9-11. The third time period is a blessing to those who survive the tribulation, in that from the time of the desolation to the time the Lord returns and enters into His millennial temple, Ezekiel 43:1-5, will be 1,335 days, Daniel 12:12. This period of time will last 45 days after the end of the tribulation.

Finally, the Believing Jews in Judaea are to flee into the mountains when they see Antichrist’s idol setup, Matthew 24:15-22. While they are there during the last half of the tribulation, the Lord God will cause the remnant to pass under the rod, and He will purge the rebels from Israel, Ezekiel 20:33-38. The end result will be that all Israel will be saved at the end of the tribulation, Romans 11:26.

  • Addendum-The Jewish churches in Israel's Prophetic Program
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Resuming the timeline structure before the last three timelines, the following is a representation of the effects after the rapture of the church is the seven churches will form quickly. They are the ones, with the rest of Israel, whom will go through the last 7 years of the 490 years (70 weeks of years) the angel Gabriel told Daniel, Daniel 9:21-24. The graphic shows a short period of time of believing Jewish churches at the beginning of the church age. Then, due to the fall of Israel, there is a pause in Israel’s prophetic program.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next.

  • The second coming of Christ Jesus and the millennium
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This timeline focuses on the return of Christ Jesus and His millennial reign. This is the time believers on earth during the great tribulation had been waiting for, and the announcements of the everlasting gospel, KING JESUS HAS ARRIVED! Revelation 14:6-7. This is also an event that prompted great joy and praise to God for the time had arrived. This is when all on earth will see the return of the Lord, Matthew 24:30, His angels will go throughout the world and heaven, Matthew 24:31, to collect the believers and take them to where the Lord’s temple is, to witness His entrance through the eastern gate, Jeremiah 16:14-15, Matthew 24:31, Ezekiel 43:1-5.

At the battle of Armageddon, the Antichrist and false prophet will be thrown alive into the lake of fire for eternity, Revelation 19:20 and all His enemies will be destroyed and eaten by the birds, Revelation 19:21. Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, Revelation 20:1-3.

The Lord will gather all the nations before Him, dividing the sheep from the goats. Those who took care (the sheep) of the Lord’s believers during the tribulation, entered into His kingdom, Matthew 25:32-40. On the Lord’s left hand were the nations (goats), who did not care for the Lord’s believers, they are cursed and delivered into the lake of fire, Matthew 25:41-46.

Those who will enjoy being part of the Lord Jesus Christ’s millennial reign, will be the surviving tribulation saints, their children, and then the Bride of Christ (consisting of the original Jewish church and the Body-of-Christ), and all the Old Testament saints. The unrighteous are either in hell waiting for the second resurrection, or are in the lake of fire already.

The Lord will create a new heaven and earth, and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind, Isaiah 65:17.

The Lord will create Jerusalem. There will be joy, and no more weeping, nor crying. There will be no infant death. The old will fulfill their days. The child shall die at 100 years old, but the sinner reaching 100 years old will be accursed. The millennial saints will build houses and live in them, plant vineyards and eat their own fruit. As the days of a tree so shall the days of the Lord’s people. Isaiah 65:18-25.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next.

The following chart shows the end of the age, and the second resurrection of the unrighteous. After the millennium is expired, Satan is loosed from the pit for a season. He will deceive the nations and raise an enormous army and surround the camp of the saints and Jerusalem. Then fire came down from God the Father in heaven, consuming all the enemies of the Lord, Revelation 20:7-9.

Then Satan is thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the Antichrist and false prophet are, and they will all be tormented day and night for eternity, Revelation 20:10.

There will be a second resurrection for all the unbelievers ever born, and their bodies are collected from the land and sea. None can escape their judgment before the great white thrown, where Christ Jesus sits, John 5:22. All are judged according to their works, and if their names did not appear in the book of life, they are thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, which is permanent for all eternity, Revelation 20:11-15.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next.

Finally, following the great white throne judgment, there will be a new heaven and new earth, as the first heaven and earth were passed away, Revelation 21:1, 2Peter 3:10, Isaiah 51:6. God said that He makes all things new, Revelation 21:5. There will be a new Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven, Revelation 21:2. The new Jerusalem will be greatly adorned with precious metals and jewels, decorated with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve apostles of the Lamb, Revelation 21:9-14. The measurements of the new Jerusalem show the size of the city walls to be enormous. It is so large that it could fit inside the moon with the eight corners of the walls being able to approximately the outer circumference of the moon, Revelation 21:15-17. Inside the new Jerusalem is the water of life, proceeding from the throne of God and the Lamb, with the tree of life. The Lord God will be the source of light instead of the sun, Revelation 22:5.

The building aggregate timeline is shown next. However, it must be pointed out that these graphics on this webpage do not show God's work among the Gentiles, to take out a people for His name, Acts 15:14. To see the addition of God's plan for the Gentiles, see the dispensation of grace, and the timelines for the Body-of-Christ mystery program on this wibsite.

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