Interpretations: Two Domains - Resumption of Israel's program

After the Body-of-Christ is snatched away (the rapture), then the prophetic program of Israel will restart. This will be in the last week in the 70 weeks of years revealed to Daniel, Daniel 9:24-26, 27. At the end of the 70th week, the Lord Jesus will return to this earth and establish His kingdom on this earth and sit on the throne of David to be king over the whole world, Zechariah 14:9. Then the usurper, Satan, will be disposed from this world for 1,000 years, that serpent of old that caused the fall of mankind, freeing the world of his influence during that time. Yet the peoples’ heart will still be sinful, Revelation 21:8-9. In the kingdom age, or dispensation, the Lord will set Israel over the nations, Isaiah 60:1-7. Israel will be priests to the nations and be the governing agent for God over His earthly domain, Zechariah 8:23, Exodus 19:6.

Israel’s future earthly rule with Christ Jesus over all the nations will be centered in Jerusalem, which was made known by the prophets since the world began, Acts 3:19-21. However, there is a second group, the Body-of-Christ whose existence was kept secret before the world began, Romans 16:25-26. For had the princes of this world (Satan and his followers) known what this mystery was, they would have not had Christ Jesus crucified, 1Corinthians 2:6-9. In the heavenly domain, Lucifer was the head of the heavenly governmental system. It is not known how long Lucifer remained in that position, but he fell when iniquity was found in him, Ezekiel 28:11-17. Since his fall, other angels left their first estate and followed Satan, Jude 1:6. God intended all along for another group of mankind to govern heavenly domain, which was kept secret before the world began, Ephesians 3:1-10, Romans 16:25-26.

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