Olivet Discourse: Comparitive view


The following graphic is an asynchronous overlay of a table relating events recorded in all three gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, concerning the Lord's discourse with His disciples while on the Mount of Olives, on the base timeline for the book of Revelation. A description of the baseline for Revelation is given in the Mark chapter 13 timeline, and the survey of the timelines, on this web site. The table at the bottom of the graphic below is color coordinated to help the reader distinguish the passages from each of the three gospels that record the Olivet Discourse by the Lord. The table is divided into the different topics that the Lord covered during His discourse. Each topic is cited at the top of each column. Within the body of the table are the scriptural references in the three gospels that relate to each topic. The table is arranged in columns, and the sequence of events from left-to-right represents the scenario of events that will occur based on a pretribulation interpretation of Biblical prophecy. However, there is no direct relationship with the underlying baseline for Revelation. The baseline is provided only as an easy reference for the reader to see where along the timeline an event discussed by the Lord in the Olivet Discourse will occur. Only for the midtribulation point are where both the timeline and the table lined up approximately. To the left and right of the midpoint, the events in the table are skewed from the corresponding time on the base timeline.