Interpretations: Dispensation list

The following seven dispensations show God’s involvement in mankind’s activities, showing His grace, love and redemptive plan for man through faith. Each dispensation has a discussion and chart, or timeline, that is selectable from the dropdown menue on the left of this page.

This review will approximately apply Dr. Ryrie’s definition of dispensationalism, which is a distinguishable economy in the outworking of God’s purpose. An “economy” within Christian parlance, refers to how God works through the world’s affairs, by which He reveals Himself and His purpose. From God’s perspective, a dispensation is an economy, but from man’s viewpoint, it is his responsibility to properly respond to the new revelation given at the time. There are three parts of a dispensation: a test, a failure and a judgement. Another component of a dispensation is stewardship, Luke 16:1-13. This is where:

  • God delegates responsibilities to mankind, and mankind is obligated to carry out those responsibilities as a steward
  • There are specific responsibilities
  • The steward is accountable
  • If the steward is unfaithful, a change in the dispensation may be made

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