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Chap 02        

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2Thessalonians Timeline:  Chapter 2

As with the other timelines discussed in 1Thessalonians and 2Thessalonians, the following timelines are based on the foundation of timelines that are described in this site on interpretation of scriptures using timelines, which the reader is referred to for further information.  The timeline line below illustrates the basic structure of the seven years of tribulation, which is preceded by the church age, and is followed by the millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.    

The next timeline builds upon the chart above.  Drawn at the top middle of the chart are two events that the church will experience immediately following the rapture.  The first event is the judgment seat of Christ, 2Corinthians 5:10, where all of His followers will appear before Him to be recompensed for the deeds done in the flesh for His kingdom.  The second even is the marriage of the Lamb, Revelation 19:7-10.  These two events are the day of Jesus Christ, 1Corinthians 1:7-9, and occur with the body of Christ.  The body of Christ consists of the resurrected saints who died in the Lord, and those yet alive who were raptured upon the Lord's return in the clouds, see the page on the rapture on this site for more information.  These heavenly events are contrasted with those on the earth during the seven years of tribulation, which constitute the day of the Lord.  Both of these events are contrasted on this site on the page discussion 1Thessalonians 5.  The blue boxes represent the statements of Paul with regard to the Lord's return.  Each box's representation correlates with the time period the statement portrayed.  More information on these statements about the Lord's return can be found on this site on the 1Thessalonians 1-4 timelines.

The next timeline is similar in nature, but it displays the timeframe for each of the passages cited in 2Thessalonians 2.  More information is also found on this site on the page discussing 2Thessalonians 2.    The Antichrist is revealed at the beginning of the tribulation period with the opening of the first seal, showing the rider with a bow on a white horse, Revelation 6:1-2 and with the signing of the seven year covenant between the government that the Antichrist represents with Israel, Daniel 9:26-27.  It is not until the midtribulation period that the Antichrist exalts himself in the Jew's tribulation temple, Revelation 13:14-18.  Near the bottom of the graph, and across the second half of the seven years of tribulation, the Antichrist receives his power from Satan, Revelation 13:1-8.  Many of those who were left behind from the rapture of the church, will still rather believe a lie than the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a result, many will follow the beast throughout the seven years of tribulation, Revelation 14:9-12.  Finally, the Antichrist and the false prophet will be destroyed and thrown alive into the lake of fire for eternity upon the Lord's return with His saints during the battle of Armageddon, Revelation 19:11-20.

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