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Contents:  Scenario Based Contents for this Site

To facilitate teaching the premillennial viewpoint of eschatology, the following syllabus is provided.  This outline was followed in a recent adult Bible class on Sunday mornings.  In general, the time for teaching each chapter lasted about 30 minutes, so typically one chapter a session was covered.  Some, like Daniel 11 took three weeks, and some, like Ezekiel 47 and 48 were combined in a single session.  

This scenario based outline is based on a dispensational interpretation of Scripture.  As a result, the study focuses on a suggested order of events that may unfold in prophetic passages yet to be fulfilled.  As seen below, the order is the study of the Gentile era, the fulfillment of God's promises to Israel, the Lord's message to Israel concerning the tribulation and His return, the church age, the resurrection and rapture of the church, the seven years of tribulation, the Lord's return, His millennial reign, the great white throne judgment, and eternity future.  However, there are some of the chapters below where there is no consensus on the order of their fulfillment relative to other prophetic events.  For example, this site suggests that the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39 will occur following the rapture of the church, and before the beginning of the seven years of tribulation.  Others submit that the invasion of Israel by Gog and his confederates will occur during the battle of Armageddon.  In these cases, the order of events suggested in this site are not dogmatically held to, but a rationale is provided to the reader for posting events in the order as they appear in this site.

The arrangement of these passages are intended to facilitate a better understanding the future events that are prophesied in scripture, and to demonstrate the wholeness and completeness of the Word.  There is more that can and should be taught on this subject, but as one progresses through this study, a lot of the other passages are drawn into the examination of each chapter below.  Embedded in each chapter, in a majority of cases, are links to other notes and timelines that further elaborate on the subject of that chapter being studied.

  1. Introduction, the reason and views on prophecy
    The importance of prophecy
    Three views of prophecy
  2. Setting the foundation, the Gentile age
    , Introduction
    Daniel Chapter 1
    , The captivity of the Jews, the introduction of Daniel
    Daniel Chapter 2, The dream of the ages by King Nebuchadnezzar
    Daniel Chapter 3, The great faith of the Jewish captives in the fiery furnace
    Daniel Chapter 4, The humbling of King Nebuchadnezzar
    Daniel Chapter 5, The handwriting on the wall, and the fall of Babylon
    Daniel Chapter 6, Daniel and the lions' den
    Daniel Chapter 7, Daniel's dream of the four beasts, and the throne of God
    Daniel Chapter 8, Daniel's dream of the ram and the goat
    Daniel Chapter 9, Daniel's discourse with the angel Gabriel concerning the 70 weeks
    Daniel Chapter 10, Daniel's vision near the river and the angel's delay
    Daniel Chapter 11, Daniel's dream concerning the end of the Grecian rule, and then of the Antichrist
    Daniel Chapter 12, Daniel's dream of the great tribulation the return of the Lord
  3. The Lord's fulfillment of His word toward Israel
    , Introduction
    Ezekiel Chapter 34
    , Judgment of the shepherds, the good shepherd, and the restoration of Israel to the land
    Ezekiel Chapter 35, The prophesy against Mount Seir (Edom)
    Ezekiel Chapter 36, The return of Israel to the promised land, that will be like Eden, and the new covenant
    Ezekiel Chapter 37, Prophecy of the bones, Israel to become a nation again, and the millennial reign of Christ
  4. The Olivet Discourse of the Lord Jesus Christ on future events concerning Israel
    Olivet Discourse
    , Introduction
    Matthew 24, The tribulation, parable of the fig tree, sign of judgment in Noah's day, and the parable of the servant
    Matthew 25, Post tribulation, the parable of the ten virgins, judgment of the servants, and judgment of the nations
    Mark 13, The tribulation, parable of the fig tree, parable of the master and his servants
    Luke 17:20-37
    , The Kingdom of God, examples of judgment with Noah and Lot, and Christ's return
    Luke 21, The widow's mites, destruction of the temple, the tribulation, Christ's return, parable of the fig tree, watch and pray
  5. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
    , Introduction
    Revelation Chapter
    , The revelation of Jesus Christ
  6. The Church age
    Revelation Chapter 2, The churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira
    Revelation Chapter 3, The churches of Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea

  7. More on the Church and the resurrection and the rapture of the Church
    1Corinthians 15
    , The resurrection
    1Thessalonians, Introduction
    1Thessalonians Chapter 1, Serving as examples, spreading the gospel and waiting for the Lord
    1Thessalonians Chapter 2, Waiting on the immanent return of the Lord Jesus Christ
    1Thessalonians Chapter 3, Paul's concern over the young church at Thessalonica, and Timothy's good report
    1Thessalonians Chapter 4, Pleasing God, and the rapture of the church
    1Thessalonians Chapter 5, The day of the Lord, and contrasting the righteous against the unrighteous
    2Thessalonians, Introduction
    2Thessalonians Chapter 1, The spiritual growth of the young believers at Thessalonica, and God's righteous judgment
    2Thessalonians Chapter 2, Issues concerning the Antichrist
    2Thessalonians Chapter 3, Paul's final words to the believers at Thessalonica on Christian conduct and asking for their prayers

  8. The invasion of Israel by Gog and his confederates
    Ezekiel Chapter 38, The invasion of Israel by Gog and his confederates, and God's judgments
    Ezekiel Chapter 39, The spoil of the invading armies, their burial, and Israel turning to God
  9. The seven years of tribulation
    Revelation Chapter 4, Before the throne of God, the events, four creatures, and 24 elders
    Revelation Chapter 5, The BOOK in the hand of the Father, the Lion of Judah, the slain Lamb
    Revelation Chapter 6, The opening of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth seals
    Revelation Chapter 7, Judgment held back, the sealing of the 144,000, and the innumerable multitude's identity
    Revelation Chapter 8, Opening of the seventh seal, and the sounding of the first, second, third, and fourth trumpets
    Revelation Chapter 9, Sounding of the fifth and sixth trumpets, the locusts, first woe, and response of mankind
    Revelation Chapter 10, The mighty angel and John eating the little scroll
    Revelation Chapter 11, The tribulation temple, two witnesses, seventh temple, and the heavenly temple
    Revelation Chapter 12, The five signs, representing Israel, Satan, Jesus Christ, Michael, and the tribulation saints
    Revelation Chapter 13, Two more signs, the Antichrist and the false prophet, and the number of the beast
    Revelation Chapter 14
    , The 144,000, seven angels, the message to the tribulation saints, and God's wrath
    Revelation Chapter 15, Another sign, song of the tribulation saints, the temple of the tabernacle, and God's wrath
    Revelation Chapter 16
    , The pouring of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh bowl judgments
    Revelation Chapter 17, Religious Babylon
    Revelation Chapter 18, Commercial Babylon

  10. The return of King of kings, the battle of Armageddon
    Revelation Chapter 19, Great praises to God, the bride of Christ's wedding preparation, and the return of the King

  11. The 1,000 year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ
    Revelation Chapter 20:1-6, Satin in the bottomless pit, completion of the first resurrection
  12. The millennial temple and Israel
    Ezekiel Chapter 40, The beginning of the vision concerning the measurements of the millennial temple
    Ezekiel Chapter 41, More measurements of the temple, the buildings, altar of wood, and the doors of the temple
    Ezekiel Chapter 42, Measuring the chambers, and the priest's roles
    Ezekiel Chapter 43, The return of the glory of the Lord, the law of the house, and the ordinances of the altar
    Ezekiel Chapter 44, The glory of the Lord fills the house, and the charge against Israel and the Levites,
    Ezekiel Chapter 45, Setting aside the holy allotment of land in Israel, and the offerings to the Lord
    Ezekiel Chapter 46, The offerings, festivals, feasts, and sacrifices
    Ezekiel Chapter 47, The river from the temple, Israel's inheritance of the land, and provisions for the Gentiles
    Ezekiel Chapter 48, Division of the land of Israel among the 12 tribes, and the new name of the holy city
  13. The final rebellion and the great white throne judgment
    Revelation Chapter 20:7-15, The release of Satan, the final rebellion, the second resurrection, and great white throne judgment
  14. Eternity future, the new heaven, earth and Jerusalem
    Revelation Chapter 21, All things made new, the new Jerusalem, and no more temple
    Revelation Chapter 22, Life in the New Jerusalem, words of the Lord, last words, warnings, and conclusion 

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